Montreal University Scholarships 2022/2023 in Canada

Every year, a large number of persons are granted Permanent Residency in Canada. This university is one of the most prestigious in the country, offering affordable education to both Canadians and students from around the world. The Institution is rated one of Canada’s top universities (#4) and ranked #74 per world rankings.

A wide range of options is available at the University of Montréal in Canada, including 600 distinct courses. Part-time employment while studying in Canada is an option for those who want to apply for permanent residency.

Today is the day to begin your journey. 78% of the applicants were able to get a job. Scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial aid are available to students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees at many colleges and universities. Details on the Montreal University Scholarship in Canada 2022 can be found in the sections that follow.


  • University: Université de Montréal
  • Country: Canada
  • Degree Level: Bachelors degree, Masters, PhD
  • Coverage: Funded
  • Deadline: 1st September 2022

List of Degrees

  • Undergraduate: Bachelors, Certificate
  • Graduate: (Masters, Specialized Graduate Diploma)
  • Graduate: Doctorate

Benefits of the Scholarship 

Undergraduate Degree

This Canadian scholarship only covers a set amount of your tuition fees. The amount of financial aid you are eligible for is solely based on your academic performance. Check out the following:

  • Level A: $11,998 per year (2 sessions, equivalent to 30 credits) or $5,999 per session (15 credits) or $399 per credit
  • Level B: $5,718 per year (2 sessions, equivalent to 30 credits) or $2,859 per session (15 credits) or $190.60 per credit
  • Level C: $2,000 per year (2 sessions, equivalent to 30 credits) or $1,000 per session (15 credits) or $66.67 per credit

Masters Degree

  • $9,420 per year (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits) or $3,140 per session (equivalent to 15 credits).


  • $19,339 each year (3 sessions, 45 credits) or $6,546 every session (equal to 15 credits) for the whole course of your studies.

List of Study Programs 

  • Administration And Management Sciences
  • Arts And Music
  • Communication
  • Economics And Politics
  • Environment And Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Planning And Design
  • Fundamental And Applied Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Information And Communications Technologies
  • Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Literature And Languages
  • Social Sciences
  • Social Sciences And Social Action
  • Teaching And Education Sciences
  • Theology And Religious Sciences

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Permanent and non-permanent residents are eligible to apply.
  • Full-time applicants in a study program throughout their studies are eligible.
  • Applicants must not benefit from another form of tuition fee exemption or scholarship.

How To Apply

The application process is online. The application deadlines and admittance requirements for the study programs you’re interested in are important to keep in mind when filling out a form.

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